Is Sea Water Good for Hair Growth?

Do you avoid seawater like the plague, thinking it will make your hair loss problems even worse?

Then think again!

Water from the ocean can actually be GOOD for certain types of hair, sometimes getting rid of problems that the most expensive lotions and potions just won’t shift!

(NOTE: If your hair is very dry or colored, please see the special conditions at the end of this article)

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We first noticed the benefits of seawater when we moved with our family from the UK to the Bahamas

…(yes, we’re very lucky).

Coming from a reasonably cold climate – where rooms were artificially heated for much of the year – most of our family members suffered from scalp disorders of one type or another.

The most common complaint was severe irritation, resulting in itching and the hair loss that excessive scratching can provoke.

Within a week or two of moving to the Bahamas  – where, admittedly, an ocean dip is a little more enticing than it was in the UK! – we all noticed a huge improvement… to the point where NONE of us now suffers from scalp irritation at all.

And we’re not alone!

We’ve also received messages from visitors to our site who find that swimming in the sea eases their scalp problems, dramatically reducing or eliminating scalp inflammation or irritation.

And for those who can’t GET to the ocean to take a dip on a regular basis?

OR, if it’s just too darn cold, take the advice of Casey from London, UK, who has devised her OWN solution!

She told us…

“I came back from a week in Spain, where I swam every other day, and my itchy scalp felt a hundred times better. I don’t get to swim in the sea too often in my day-to-day life, so I improvise by mixing sea salt with coconut oil and applying it to my scalp before shampooing.

My scalp is STILL feeling good… and I’ve been back for over 2 months now!”

“There must be something sacred in salt. It is in our tears and in the ocean.” (Khalil Gibran)

It’s actually not that surprising that sea water is good for the hair. 

It’s rich in vitamins and minerals, with an antibiotic effect on the skin. And salt has been used extensively in ancient medicine, particularly by Hippocrates, who employed it in all sorts of ways!

Experts suggest that seawater can be used to treat eczema and psoriasis, both of which can impact the scalp and cause hair loss.

It’s also known to promote circulation – a real boon for healthy hair growth.

There are a couple of point to keep in mind whether you decide to take the plunge in a sea water hair care regime…

  • If your hair is colored or dry, sea water can dry it out even more. The solution is to coat it in oil (we recommend coconut oil) which shields the hair whilst allowing the scalp to benefit from the minerals in the water. If you have very oily hair, on the other hand, you’ll probably find that the seawater actually HELPS in keeping the oiliness at bay!
  • Be sure to wash your hair after your salt water dip – you don’t want the salt to remain on your hair and scalp once your natural ‘therapy’ is over!

Have YOU tried a seawater/salt therapy for your scalp problems? If so, then please tell us about your experiences – we’d love to hear from you!

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