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Browse our before and after images showcasing examples of the hair regrowth results of users on Formulas 82M, 82F, & 82D, and view the testimonials of doctors who prescribe our Rx formulas and offer our hair loss shampoo, Formula 82S, to their patients.

Formula 82M

Results from Formula 82M patients of Dr. Antonio Cueva of Suade Spa, and Dr. Alan Bauman of Bauman Medical.

What others are saying about Formula 82M

Formula 82M remains the ultimate top-rated Rogaine-alternative prescription that’s helped thousands of hairloss patients at Bauman Medical Group. With a variety of ingredients that increase the penetration and results of Minoxidil, as well as improve its ease-of-use, 82M is a dramatic improvement over the regular Rogaine® formula.”

“This is the first significant recovery product that I have ever seen that competes strongly with hair transplantation.”

“Personally I believe this formula works better than Rogaine® or Propecia®.”

Formula 82M is an effective prescription topical hair regrowth treatment. It’s similar to Rogaine®, but it’s more powerful and comes along sans some of the biggest downsides that you get with over-the-counter products.”

“So why does this product appear markedly more efficacious than others on the market, such as Rogaine® and Propecia®? A review of product ingredients discussed in this article shows that higher strengths of Minoxidil (5%) are more effective than lower (2%), and the addition of the retinoic acid, Tretinoin, increases the efficacy of Minoxidil. An added topical steroid reduces irritation and also improves efficacy. Formula 82M contains these proven ingredients, and delivers them in a non-sticky, Propylene Glycol-free base. However, more importantly, their proprietary solubilizing and stabilizing process appears to markedly improve patient usability, drug delivery, and shelf life.”

Hair Science Formula 82M Results on Real Patient Ratings

Formula 82F

Results from Formula 82F patients of Dr. Samuel M. Lam of Lam Institute for Hair Restoration.

What others are saying about Formula 82F

“Based on the success of Finasteride in stopping hair loss and regrowing hair, many patients have asked if topical Finasteride is a viable hair growth treatment. They also want to know if a topical Finasteride treatment would have a lower risk of side effects.  At Bauman Medical, we’ve watched the research on topical Finasteride in the medical literature which supports the efficacy and relative safety of topical Finasteride preparations. Now available for patients by prescription, is compounded Formula 82F, or ‘Finoxidil’, which contains both topical Finasteride and topical Minoxidil in a powerful yet ‘palatable’ sophisticated mixture for the scalp to improve hair growth. Patients report it is a quick drying, less greasy, less sticky and more powerful alternative to over-the-counter hair growth treatments like Rogaine®.”

Formula 82D

A clinical review of Formula 82D is being conducted by Dr. John Leonardo of Leonardo Medical in Toronto, Canada. Once complete, we will update this section to include B&A images of participating patients.
What others are saying about Formula 82D

“When it is a good idea to consider Formula 82D for your patients? When a patient is a poor or non-responder to 82F, or exhibits poor compliance with 82M/F (e.g. fails to remember to use twice a day)—because Dutasteride has a longer half-life than Finasteride. And finally, when a patient requests Dutasteride.”

Formula 82S

Formula 82S Testimonials
What others are saying about Formula 82S

“This product is phenomenal. There are short hairs all over my thinning spots showing the hair growth. I use it myself and recommend it to my patients who have been very satisfied. ”

“Aesthetics and Wellness is proud to offer Formula 82S to our nonsurgical hair restoration clients. It has become an effective, integral part of our treatment modality and is proving to have excellent results. I personally use 82S and find it to be one of the only shampoos that doesn’t leave a dry itchy scalp. It is extremely gentle, yet does not leave hair feeling oily. ”

Formula 82S has been a great seller for us. I also personally use it and love it. My hair is very fine and 82S has made it feel much thicker and fuller, and also feel stronger and healthier. That is also the feedback I’m getting back from my clients… male and female.”

“Our office has had great success with Formula 82S. We have combined 82S with 82M and PRP hair restoration. We have multiple patients that have the shampoo shipped to them from our office about every three months, so the shampoo seems to last.”

“I’ve been using 82S shampoo for the past year and have been loving it. I’m really surprised how conditioned and moisturized my hair feels, especially since I have wavy, course hair & have always needed a separate conditioner to detangle my hair. However, with just the 82S Formula, I’m pleasantly surprised that I didn’t need to use a separate conditioner. It truly is a conditioning shampoo. I have noticed my hair doesn’t shed as much as it used to which is the reason why I started using the shampoo in the first place.”

“We are using Formula 82S Shampoo for all of our post-surgery hair washes. Our patients, who love it and continue to purchase it, say that it greatly improves the texture of their hair and adds volume they didn’t even think they could achieve. This is especially true for our female patients! Several members of our staff also love 82S for the same reasons. They feel that it makes their hair appear thicker because of the volume they are seeing from continued use.”