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Hair Science now offers Formulas 82M, 82F + 82D through Carie Boyd Pharmaceuticals

Carie Boyd Pharmaceuticals holds exclusive licensing to compound Hair Science formulas and is now fulfilling all prescriptions for Formula 82M, Formula 82F and Formula 82D. Carie Boyd has provided high-quality compounded medications since 1965, and is recognized as a national leader in providing personalized medication solutions.

COVID-19 Update: Patients Can Still Receive 82M, 82F, 82D + 82S

Our compounding partners are currently shipping orders of Formulas 82M®, 82F®, & 82D® at this time. If you have patients who you have written orders for in the past, or new patients in need of an effective regrowth serum, you can renew orders or set up new ones through Carie Boyd Pharmaceuticals. If you are interested in carrying Formula 82S® in your clinic, spa, salon, or practice,  you may contact Hair Science directly.


A voluntary recall has been initiated by MasterPharm Compounding Pharmacy, affecting a limited number of patients whose prescriptions of Formulas 82M & 82F were issued during the period 1/22/20 and 2/28/20, from the following (4) lots: (Lot Number | Beyond Use Date:  01-17-2020:45@4 | 7/7/2020, 01-31-2020:73@6 | 7/26/2020, 02-17-2020:86@5 | 8/10/2020, 02-21-2020:23@1 | 8/16/2020).

This voluntary recall was initiated out of an abundance of caution due to a lack of assurance of conformity to specifications. Patients affected by this recall should contact MasterPharm, LLC. by phone at (866) 630-5600 Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm (EST), or by email at to arrange for replacement preparations.

Academic Articles + Journal Entries

A Systemic Review on Topical Marketed Formulations, Natural Products, and Oral Supplements to Prevent Androgenic Alopecia: A Review

Authors: Sumel Ashique, Navjot Kaur Sandhu, Sk. Niyamul Haque & Kartick Koley
Publication: Natural Products and Bioprospecting, Volume 10 (2020)

Formula 82M for Hair Regrowth, A Uniquely Engineered Formulation Providing an Alternative Solution for Alopecia Patients

Author: Mark Rubin, M.D.
Publication: Aesthetic Trends and Technologies (Special Report, Sept. 2010)

Safety of Fluocinolone Acetonide (The Topical Steroid in Formulas 82M, 82F, & 82D):
An Informed View Based on Clinical Findings

Author: Mark Rubin, M.D.

Possible Fountain of Youth For Your Follicles

CBS of Dallas / Fort Worth feature segment on a patient of Dr. Joseph Yaker of Texas Center for Hair Restoration,
who has been prescribing Formula 82M in his practice and reports great hair regrowth and thickening as a result.

Author: Ginger Allen
Publication: CBS of Dallas / Fort Worth (, November 16, 2016)

Because You’re Worth It

Author: Stacia Friedman
Publication: The Huffington Post (Huffpost Style, April 10, 2015)

Medical Remedies for Women Thinning Hair: A Rundown of the Latest Treatments—Plus What’s Coming Down the Pike

Author: Linda Dyett
Publication: New York City Woman (Health, January 3, 2015)

New Year, New Skin Care

Author: Wendy Lewis
Publication: Plastic Surgery Practice (Products, December 26, 2014)

For Tresses Feeling Their Age: Help for Hair When Aging Leaves It Thinning, Dry or Dull

Author: Hilary Howard
Publication: New York Times (Fashion & Style, January 22, 2014)