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William Slator is one of the leading hair loss experts and founder and managing director of biotech startup Hairguard.

Will graduated from the University of Birmingham where he studied Chemical Engineering and obtained his Masters Degree (Honours). His particular interests at the time were in biochemical engineering and novel intranasal drug delivery systems for vaccines. His Master’s thesis was on Polymer Electrolyte Membrane (PEM) fuel cell technology and catalysts.

It was Will’s strong background in the sciences that later bolstered his understanding of research on the topic of hair loss.

At this stage in his life, Will had grown increasingly interested in the science behind hair loss. While his professional foray into hair loss didn’t officially start until after graduation, he had been personally battling pattern baldness for years.

It was at the age of 16 or 17 that a friend had pointed out his receding hairline, and Will’s ardent research on the topic began.

From a place of personal interest, as well as professional curiosity, the idea behind Hairguard was born.

Will Slator founds Hairguard

In 2012, Will posted his first blog post on the topic of hair loss on what was then Hair Loss Revolution. He had already spent years at this point attempting to understand his own hair loss, and he wanted to share his knowledge and successes with the hair loss community at large.

Over the last decade, Will has continued to stay up-to-date on the latest scientific research on the topic of male-pattern baldness. This has lead to a 100,00+  monthly visitors on his blog, and 32,000+(and growing) subscribers on YouTube.

Aside from sharing his knowledge, Will also developed his popular line of hair growth products.

The first product in his line, the topical product now known as the Hairguard Scalp Elixir, proved very popular in its first year. The popularity of this product, and the expansion of the Hairguard product line, has only grown since.

The Hairguard line of products now consists of a full regimen, from Scalp Elixir to Shampoo and Conditioner, to Hair Loss Supplements and Probiotics.

Along with product line expansion, Will’s team at Hairguard has grown as well. The team now consists of product developers, researchers, content writers, and medical content reviewers.

It has always been Will’s goal to treat the underlying cause of hair loss in himself, and then share his findings with his followers. The latest additions to the Hairguard product line — the Growband, and the Growcomb — aim to do just that.

After years of study, as well as personal trial and error, it’s Will’s belief that scalp tension is the true cause of pattern baldness. This is in line with the expanding research on the topic as scientists begin to move away from the hormone (DHT) theory which was the predominant line of thinking for decades.

While DHT is still thought to play a role in hair loss, it’s now believed to be triggered by chronic scalp tension. So you can treat one symptom (DHT sensitivity) or you can target the underlying cause (scalp tension). It’s Will’s belief that a combination of the two methods is the best way to stop further hair loss and even regrow your hair.

As scientific knowledge of male-pattern baldness continues, you can count on the team at Hairguard to keep you up to date.

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